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Wear your baby

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Why I think every parent should give "baby wearing" a try

The term "baby wearing" is a somewhat modern term. However, women have been "wearing" their babies since the beginning of time.

Infants need to be close to their parents for comfort, food, and protection. Sometimes they just want to be held close, even if there is nothing wrong. It is human to need touch and human contact.

It isn't practical to hold your infant all day. Sometimes a mother needs to attend to other children, or get things done. Baby wearing allows mother (or father) to keep baby close but keep their hands free for multi-tasking. (Grocery shopping without carrying a bulky infant carseat or stroller is much easier).

Example of Some Styles of Carriers

  1. Ring Sling

  2. Woven Wrap

  3. Backpack or Hiking Carrier

  4. Soft Structered Carrier

My Favorite Infant Carrier:

My Favorite Over all:

Infant carriers are great items to add to your baby shower gift registry. You might like to own several different styles and see what works best for you. Better yet, ask friends if you can try theirs out, or what their favorites were. Personally, I liked using the ring sling or K'Tan when they were newborns and the Beco style when they were bigger babies and toddlers.

Try to enjoy the closeness and bonding you will get by keeping your baby on you. My children preferred to be in the carrier vs. a swing or crib. I did use my crib, but a lot of times I would let them fall asleep in the carrier while I was doing household chores, and then lay them down once they were sleeping. It's also okay to allow them to nap while you wear them.

If baby will be in the carrier in a upright position, just make sure their hips are in proper alignment. Not all carriers are created equal. For more information on avoiding hip dysplasia check out this website:

Happy baby wearing!

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