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Keepsake Jewelry

The first time I saw breastmilk keepsake jewelry I thought...

How cool! I nursed my children each until they were over the age of two. After my third pregnancy, which was a surrogacy, I never planned to pump. The baby I delivered was formula fed. But when my milk came in several days after the birth, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I just had a strong desire to not let that milk go to waste. I got in touch with the preemie milk bank and found out the requirements for the donors. I purchased the pumping equipment and began my 4 month exclusive pumping journey. I kept a couple of freezer bags of milk "just in case" I needed them for healing. Breastmilk is great for the skin and gentle enough to use in the eyes for infections (like pink eye). Three and a half years later my doula friend started making breastmilk keepsakes. The old milk wasn't going to be used so I sent it to her to create this beautiful ring, and a cute keychain.

It reminds me of the challenges I faced and overcame when I breastfed my babies and I helped feed at risk preemies. I am forever grateful for that milk.

If you would like to learn more about breastmilk keepsakes, visit Savannah's website here:

If you are pregnant and want to breastfeed, get tips and helpful information via blog posts by following the Agape Doula on facebook and IG @theagapedoulanc #theagapedoulanc

With love, Gloria

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