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5 Baby-Mama Health Myths

Do this. Don't do that. It can be confusing when you're expecting

  1. Fat is good, but only "good fats". like avacados and nuts, Avoid Saturated animal fats. The truth is beef, butter and bacon are excellent fat sources, especially for pregnant or nursing moms. What you really should avoid is GMO's, refined carbs, fried foods, processed transfat such as those from vegetable oils, sugary drinks, caffeine, and deserts.

  2. If my doctor recommends it,it must be good for me. I am not advising you against all medical advice. I'm just saying, not everything recommended by a physician may be the right or healthy thing espeically pharma medications, (they used to say tylenol was safe but recently studies are showing the opposite) or outdated nutrition advice.

  3. Kegels will prevent pelvic floor issues or improve them. Kegels might actually make our pelvic floor weaker, they aren't a one size fits all exercise. Its worth it to work with a pelvic floor therapist prenatal and postpartum. check out this:

  4. Raw Dairy is dangerous and pregnant women should not consume. Raw milk and butter actually contain enzymes and probiotics, fat, and protein that can be very beneficial (if you are not lactose intolerant). Check out information from Nourishing Our Children to learn more about the health benefits of raw dairy for mom and children.

  5. You should only feed your baby pureed foods Or Rice Cereal Makes a Great First Food. The truth is, our ancestors didn't have a magic bullet to blend food with. Baby-Led weaning with proper supervision can be a good natural way to help baby's development if you choose to do so. Rice, cereal, grains, etc. are in fact hard for babies to digest. check out Dr. Berry's advice on Babys first food:

Whether or not we agree on my 5 Health Myths, I think most will agree: The best way to nourish your body and your developing baby is :

get plenty of sleep

time outdoors (sunshine with no sunscreen promotes Vit D production)

eat clean organic unprocessed foods

avoid toxins and stress as much as possible.

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