Supporting Women Through Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum 
in Statesville and the Greater Charlotte, NC area

Let me help you have the birth YOU desire

  • Happy Birth Day

    In Person Labor & Birth Doula Support
    • Unlimited E-Mail and Text from the booking date
    • 24 Hr "On Call" 38-42 Weeks
    • Total In Person Birth Support during labor and delivery
    • Photos and Videos (un-edited)
    • Childbirth Education In Person Private
    • Prenatal "postpartum planning session" before birth
    • 1 postpartum visit (1 hr) about 1 week after birth
  • Most Popular

    Baby Bliss

    In Person Total Birth & Postpartum Doula Support
    • 2 Prenatal Visits
    • Unlimited Text
    • Unlimited E-Mail
    • 24 Hr On Call 38-42 weeks
    • Total In Person Birth Doula Support
    • Photos and Videos
    • 3 House Cleaning Sessions (must be local)
    • 12 Hours of Postpartum Doula Support
  • Birth Day Only

    Only for experienced moms
    • For educated moms who only want labor support
    • in-person labor and birth support once active labor starts
    • must have given vaginal birth at least once prior
    • Does not include prenatal or postpartum visits
    • Does not include birth planning
    • Photos and Videos as time allows
    • I will come be with you at your home and/or birthplace
  • Virtual Support

    Virtual Pregnancy and Birth Support
    • Unlimited Text
    • Unlimited E-Mail
    • Mindset Coaching
    • Assistance Writing your birth plan
    • Postpartum Virtual Support up to 6 weeks postpartum
    • Two 1-hr Zoom Sessions
    • Labor and Birth Support Virtually The Day of Your Birth
  • Full Nights Sleep

    Newborn care
    • 8 Hour "overnight" Shift
    • Diapering
    • Bottle Feed
    • OR bring baby to mom to breastfeed
    • I will feed, diaper, and put baby back to bed
    • Mom and Dad can rest
    • Doula sleeps when baby sleeps
    • Customized to your needs
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