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Also Offering Postpartum Doula Service

What is a Doula?

A doula is a woman's helper. A doula is not required to be a medically trained care provider (such as a nurse, doctor, or midwife). A doula may help the pregnant woman w/ comfort and companionship during labor, birth, and/or the postpartum period. A doula may also help the birth partner (such as father of the baby) or look after other children in the home. Doulas also may offer assistance with childbirth education, lactation support, or help around the house. 



Hi, I'm Gloria Paul. Certified Doula

I am a mom of two, married almost 20 years, and a 2x gestational carrier (surrogate). Life is a blessing and babies are huge miracles in tiny packages. When I was pregnant in 2010 with my first child, I watched a documentary by Ricky Lake, the Business of Being Born. I knew right then I wanted a natural childbirth. I'll admit, it was mostly due to my fear of needles and fear of surgery. But it propelled me into learning all I could to prepare. Having a doula at my hospital birth gave me the support I needed to have the unmedicated vaginal outcome I desired. Soon after, I learned of a new birthing center in my area, and that led to my water birth of my daughter. It was an empowering experience. I went on to be a surrogate for two different families, one in 2018 and again in 2020. Check out my blog for more information on being a surrogate.  I am a nature girl. I love walking barefoot, gardening for fun, eating REAL food, holistic health, truth seeker and freedom advocate. I enjoy spending my time with my family and pets.  I believe every woman deserves to be supported in her pregnancy, birth, and healing journey. 

What Happy Parents Say

Special thank you to Gloria Paul best Doula a girl could ask for. Thank you for sticking by me all the way. Thank you for being supportive in all decisions & for all your encouragement if ever needed she’s your Doula.

R. From Statesville

Gloria was absolutely wonderful!

She went above and beyond to care for me during my labor. She has a sweet and calming presence & was supportive & gentle but was also a strong advocate at the hospital for me.

She was absolutely irreplaceable.

Highly highly recommend

B. From Statesville

Very professional, extremely knowledgable, kind, supportive and warm hearted. I had planned to have her as my doula right there by my side through labor and delivery and post partum but because of my unexpected birth at home that happened so quickly and us being 3 hours apart, I did not see her until directly after I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. She stuck by my side postpartum at the hospital as I felt like Super Woman after I had just birthed my baby and she was like my side kick. I did not have the baby's father there nor did I want him to be. So glad I had Gloria there by my side. Looking back I wouldn't have had it any other way nor would have wanted anyone else with me and my baby. 

A. From SC

Sleeping baby